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Giving the youth a jump start on their creative dreams.


Motive Change is a Positive Youth Development program that is dedicated to building a successful foundation for our students. Our program gives students the opportunity to obtain the experience, skills, and resources they need to give them a head start before entering a creative career field or higher education.


The Program

Motive Change will provide the tools, skills, resources, and experience that our youth need to pursue a career in many different creative fields. We will coach and guide them so that they fully understand the inns and outs of their career dreams and the other opportunities in their field of choice.

Our youth will get opportunities to explore and interact with professionals that have had success doing what they hope to do in the future . Motive Change wants to inspire and motivate our youth to continue on the right path towards their “dream careers”.


Our Goals for the Youth

Motive Change has a motto which states the following: opportunities are rarely given and decisions can change your life forever.  Our goal is to provide opportunities for the youth and their paths toward success.  We want the youth to realize that if a goal is not met that there are supplementary options in the same career paths that they can pursue, which can lead to other opportunities.  We want to instill our applicants with optimism for their profession of choice before moving onto something new, which helps them create their own opportunities in the future.